Congratulations to our Sustainability Stars!

Our Star Solutions

Every business is different and solutions to common problems are diverse. Under each level, read how the Coastal Connection restaurants are finding ways to make a positive impact!

Coastal Connection Three Stars

Three Star

Mary’s Kitchen @ Lynn University

Just Salad

3 Sea Star solutions! 

Both Mary’s Kitchen and Just Salad are reducing waste by offering customers reusable containers for to-go food. At Mary’s Kitchen students can pay a deposit for a reusable take out box. Next time they come in, they return it for a clean one to use again. At Just Salad, customers can purchase a reusable bowl to bring back and refill.

Coastal Connection Two Stars

Two Star

Crazy Uncle Mike’s

2 Star Solutions! What are some unique actions?

Crazy Uncle Mike’s is reducing single use plastic by offering metal straws for sale to their customers. To further their environmental benefit, every straw purchase makes a donation to Friends of Gumbo Limbo.

Coastal Connection One Star

One Star

Gary Rack’s Farmhouse Kitchen

Mane Coffee

Ventura’s Pizza Kitchen

1 Star Solutions! What are some unique actions?

Mane Coffee and Gary Rack’s Farmhouse Kitchen both provide reusable tableware for on-site dining. Gary Rack’s Farmhouse Kitchen is farm-to-table, sourcing much of its food locally. To reduce food waste Ventura’s Kitchen has frequent deliveries, ensuring their produce is always fresh, and Gary Rack’s Farmhouse Kitchen donates unused bread at the end of each day to local food pantries.

And more coming soon!