Origin of Department

The idea of a Fire Department in the City of Boca Raton began in 1925 with the creation of Ordinance No. 72. Ordinance No. 72 stated that the Fire Chief would be paid $150 a year, and all firefighters would receive $4 per fire and $2 per training drill.

First Firefighters

Guy J. Bender, M.W. Stokes, John LaMont, Harry Purdom, Stroud Eldredge, Kline Platt, J.K. McClintock, EM. Thomason, S Jerkins, O. Arnold, and O. Ozier became the first proud firefighters for the City of Boca Raton. Old Betsy, the city's first fire engine, arrived in 1926.

First Engine

The city issued a check for $1,000 and $11,500 in notes to American LaFrance, payable over three years at six percent, for Old Betsy. The Town Council issued $500,000 in bonds to fund the construction of City Hall, the water plant, and to fund the Fire Department. Old Betsy found a home in the south bay of old City Hall on Federal Highway.
Volunteer Boca Raton Fire Department from 1927