Fire Chiefs

Fire Chief from 2021 - Present

Chief John Treanor was promoted through the ranks and served as a Firefighter, Driver, Captain, EMS Captain, Division Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, and Deputy Fire Chief before he was appointed to Fire Chief. He is a graduate of the Executive Fire Officer program and was also an Assistant Professor/Department Chair of Emergency Medical Services, training paramedics throughout the County.

Fire Chief John Treanor

Fire Chief  from 2006 - 2021

Chief Thomas R. Wood, CFO, FIFireE, was appointed as the Fire Chief on August 21, 2006. He first joined the Department on June 6, 1974. Tom has served in nearly every position prior to his being selected as Fire Chief.

During Tom's tenure as Fire Chief three additional Medic Units were staffed, Medic 3 in 2009, Medic 7 in 2017, and Medic 6 in 2019; this included the hiring of 36 new firefighters. The Department achieved ISO Class 1 status for the first time in 2016 and again in 2020.
Fire Chief Thomas R. Wood portrait picture

Fire Chief from 1998 - 2006

Bruce Silk joined the Boca Raton Fire Department as a Firefighter on October 10, 1973. Almost twenty five years later, he became the Fire Chief of Boca Raton Fire Rescue Services when he was officially appointed on March 19, 1998.
Chief Bruce Silk

Fire Chief from 1994 - 1998

Kerry Koen was instrumental in the creation of many of the City’s fire and life safety codes and ordinances, including the installation of automatic fire sprinkler and alarm systems in the city’s larger buildings. He was also instrumental in the establishment of the Advanced Life Support (Paramedic) program. During his administration the Department assumed responsibility for patient transport as part of the pre-hospital EMS system. He also developed the Smart Heart Partnership with Boca Raton Regional Hospital.
Chief Kerry Koen

Fire Chief from 1976 - 1994

John G. Withrow - Under his leadership, the EMS / Paramedic program was developed as well as the Hazardous Material Team. Three more stations were built, and over 100 new firefighters we employed.
Fire Chief from 1976 - 1994

Fire Chief from 1965 - 1976

Daniel M. Andrews - During his time as Fire Chief, the department slowly shifted to paid firefighters rather than volunteers. He was elected during a city boom. Two stations were built and 23 new firemen were hired.
Fire Chief from 1965 - 1976

Fire Chief from 1946 - 1964

John F. Loughery - He was the first paid, full time firefighter. Loughery painted Old Betsy white to match his hair. One day while on his police beat, Loughery received a call that he was elected Fire Chief by the Boca Raton City Council, even though he had never applied for the position.
Fire Chief Loughery

Fire Chief from 1934 - 1946

Chief Clifford Purdom of the Fire Department Volunteers from 1934 - 1946. Chief Purdom and his family were early pioneers in Boca when they arrived in 1905. During his time as Fire Chief there was a large forest fire near Floresta. He retired in 1946 and moved to Lake Worth to raise cattle.
Fire Chief Purdom

Fire Chief from 1925 - 1934

The first Fire Chief for the City of Boca Raton. Guy Bender served from 1925-1934. At this time the Fire Department was made up of volunteers. During his time as chief, Old Betsy was purchased as the city's first and only fire apparatus. He also served as a member of the City Council.
Fire Chief from 1925 - 1934