Coastal Connection Restaurant Program

Coastal Connection with Boca Raton Restaurant Program

Good news on reusable items!

COVID -19 and single use plastics

Out of an abundance of caution, many businesses and individuals stopped using reusable items such as cups and bags in favor of disposable alternatives to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. As of July 2020, we now know more about how the virus spreads and precautions to put in to place. According to health experts in a statement released in early July, both disposable and reusable items share a similar and low risk for disease transmission. When using reusable items precautions can be taken to make them as or more safe than disposables such as making sure they are properly washed and instituting no-touch practices for reusable items being brought in from the outside. Read the full statement

To implement safe use of reusable items in your hospitality business, Oceanic Global put out guidelines for reopening sustainable businesses in the time of COVID-19. Use the guidelines to make sure your business has the appropriate systems in place to keep your staff and your customers healthy.


For designation as a Coastal Connection Restaurant, complete all four actions required for the One Star designation. Additional Stars can be earned by completing the actions in that level. Contact the Sustainability Manager at or 561-393-7997 to learn more or schedule a site visit.

Coastal Connection One Star

One Star

  • Provide straws by request only.
  • Use reusable tableware for onsite dining.
  • Provide only non-plastic takeaway containers and bags. No polystyrene foam. Cutlery by request only.
  • Regularly offer sustainable food choices.

For further explanation view the One Star Requirements page.

Coastal Connection Two Stars

Two Stars

Complete all the actions for One Star plus:

  • Provide environmental education for staff and/or customers.
  • Institute an on-site recycling program.
  • Institute water and energy conservation efforts.

For further explanation view the Two Star Requirements page.

Coastal Connection Three Stars

Three Stars

Complete all the actions for One Star and Two Stars plus:

  • Reduce light pollution from outdoor lighting.
  • All seafood is a Monterey Bay Seafood watch "best choice" or "good alternative."
  • Put strategies in place to reduce food waste.

For further explanation view the Three Star Requirements page.

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