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 Virgin Trains (Brightline): Possible Boca Raton Station?
  Map of the newest plans for Virgin US Trains Boca Station
Image: Current Virgin USA proposal
 Virgin Trains USA, formerly Brightline Trains, is planning to expand their stops in South Florida and Boca Raton may be one of the stops. There is interest in a station and parking garage at the current Junior League Community Garden and part of the downtown library parking lot. Virgin presented their ideas at City Council Meetings in July and September and over that time, a number of elements have changed or been dropped. See more about the changes and current proposal at the links below. 
  Links: City Council Meetings:
  • July 22 See “City Manager Reports” (3:12:50, 1 hour, Brightline/Virgin Trains, much about DTL parking lot, Friends of Library)
  • September 24 Virgin Trains presents new plan (which is a delay of the apartment and retail building) at 8:57 (or tab in the Table of Contents to 6A). Public comments (including Library Commons residents, Friends, and a Library Board member) start at 47:18.
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 Brexit: British "Exit"
  A woman stands in a train station reading signs for Brexit or EU 
 On June 23, 2016, 51.9% of the United Kingdom (UK) voted by referendum to leave the European Union (EU). However, the process to organize the “exit” has been long and complicated. No agreements have been reached between the UK and the EU which has resulted in a so-called, “no-deal Brexit.” Currently, the UK is supposed to exit the EU on October 31, 2019 but on Oct 19, 2019, Prime Minister Johnson sent a letter to the EU requesting a delay until January 31, 2020. The impact of Brexit on the USA is not clear but Brexit has made US goods more expensive in the UK (and the UK is our 4th largest export market!) and without any agreements, it is not clear how this will impact UK employees in the EU and USA and USA and EU employees in the UK. Read more in the links below. 
  The Census is Coming! 
   a close up of the shoulder bag of a census taker showing the label of the bag
  The 2020 Census is coming! Preparations have already begun but US residents will see letters arrive March 12-20, 2020; see the timeline here. This is the first census to include online and phone options in addition to the paper form and the letter will announce how to find the online census form. This census also comes with some controversy; see the resources below for more information.

To learn more about the census, visit these sites:

To learn more about the citizenship debate and the census, visit these sites:


  Constitution Day/Week
   A close up of the preamble to the Constitution
  The Constitution of the United States was signed in 1787, went into effect in 1789 (230 years ago), and has been amended 27 times. Constitution Day, September 17, and Constitution Week, September 17-23, celebrate the signing of the Constitution and promote education about the Constitution. Read more in the links below
   Constitution Day:
  • National Constitution Center in Philadelphia

  • Library of Congress

Read the Constitution:

View the Constitution:

@ Boca Raton Public Library:

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 Hong Kong Anti-extradition Bill Protests: What is Happening & Why? 

 A city street in Hong Kong packed with anti-extradition bill protesters 

Image: Hf9631 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]


There have been three weeks of protests; over 2 million attended the protests on Sunday, June 16! The US has continued to press for democracy in Hong Kong via the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

Read more about the anti-extradition bill and protests at the links below.


What is the Hong Kong Extradition Bill?

What is the US connection to the Hong Kong Extradition Bill?


 Climate Change: Voter Call for Action
   Half of the image shows a lush, green landscape. The second half shows a dry, barren, sunny landscap
  A recent survey shows 71% of Florida voters support government action to address climate change. Read more about climate change from the sources below. Read the survey here.


United Nations:

Other Online Sources:

@ Boca Raton Public Library:

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Pride Month: June 2019 -- 50 years since Stonewall
   View of a rainbow colored umbrella from the underside
  June is LGBTQ+ Pride month in honor of the June 1969 Stonewall riots. June 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the riots that protested a police raid on the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan and marked the start of the modern fight for LGBTQ rights in the United States. Read more at the links below.

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 Service Animals mean independence!
   service dog holding leash
  Service dogs and miniature horses are trained to provide a service directly related to a disability. They bring vital independence to their owners. Therapy animals are trained to support people other than their owners. Emotional Support animals provide comfort just by being with their owners or others. Laws apply differently to each type of animal. Read more below.

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Medicare in the news!
   Sample of a new US Medicare Card 2018
  Medicare and Medicaid can be confusing, especially with the 2018 changes and the current debate about Medicare for All. Read more in the links below.

@ Boca Raton Public Library:

Happy 30th Birthday World Wide Web!
   a round birthday cake with white icing and candles that spell happy birthday
  The world wide web, the 1989 brainchild of Tim Burners-Lee, turns 30 in March. Read about the history of the web and the standards that guide its development in the links below.
    Coding: What is it and how do I get started?
     close up of html code on a computer screen


 Beyond Beginners:


Learning Basic Computer Skills



a laptop computer on a picnic table

Learn More:



Where Can I Find ESOL Resources?


a chalkboard with the words English language hello goodbye

Learn More:




Learn a Language! Explore a New Culture!


Many learn a language book covers form a collage.


Boca Raton Public Library classes:

 Learn More:


 What is Fake News?

Opens a New Window. a woman sitting on a couch reading a newspaper with the headline Fake News!

Learn More:

 Fact Checkers: 

Think Global, Act Local
 A view of Mt. Rushmore

    Learn More: 

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 Social Media & Privacy: What Should I Know?

a close up of a smart phone screen


Boca Raton Public Library classes: 

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 Podcasts: Getting Started

 a cell phone, microphone, and keyboard for use in recording a podcast



Creating a Podcast:

 Listening to Podcasts:


Ancestry & Family History Research


 family eating watermelon on the front porch and lawn, 1890



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 Learn More:


Healthy Body & Mind


 azalea and 4 stones in a stack against a turquoise background



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Find a Great New Book!


 a young girl reading a book, glowing light is flowing from the book



 Learn More:


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