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boca electric charging station

Boca Raton Car Charging Stations @ the Library

Technology & Computer Skills

Coding: What Is It and How Do I Get Started?

 computer screen with html coding @BRPL:


 Beyond Beginners:


Cut the Cord: How-Tos and Information

a close up of the ends of 2 cables one yellow one red Learn More:



Cultural Connections


Where Can I Find ESOL Resources?

 a chalkboard with the words English language hello goodbye


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GeoKnow: Is Puerto Rico a State? What Is a US Territory?

 Did you know the US has 16 territories? Five of them are inhabited. What are territories? Are their people U.S. citizens? How does this work? Read the links below for more information.
 a view of a cruise ship through a narrow street in Puerto Rico @BRPL:

 Learn More:



Civic Engagement

 What is Fake News?
 a woman sitting on a couch reading a newspaper with the headline Fake News!


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 Fact Checkers: 

Social Media & More

 Social Media & Privacy: What Should I Know?
 a close up of a smart phone screen


Boca Raton Public Library classes: Intro to Word Press Blogging

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 Podcasts: Getting Started
 a cell phone, microphone, and keyboard for use in recording a podcast  @ BRPL:

Creating a Podcast:

 Listening to Podcasts:



Discover You: Resources for Better Living


Ancestry & Family History Research

 Curious about your family tree? Check out the resources below to learn more.
 family eating watermelon on the front porch and lawn, 1890  @BRPL:

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Readers' Advisory: Reading Ideas & Tips


Find a Great New Book!

 Check out the links below to discover your next great read!
 a young girl reading a book, glowing light is flowing from the book  @BRPL:

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