Dealing With Iguanas

Habitat Modification, Capture & Removal

As an invasive species, iguanas can be a nuisance to homeowners by damaging landscaping, burrowing and leaving droppings in yards and pools.

Iguanas are not a protected species in Florida, except by anti-cruelty laws. They can be captured and removed from private property without special permits, using live traps or snares. Once captured, euthanasia is the most humane method of disposal. However, euthanasia is not recommended for use by homeowners or the general public, but by pest management professionals. (Find a Professional Nuisance Wildlife Trapper near you). The City of Boca Raton does not provide capture or removal services on private property. 

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has resources to educate yourself on the impact from and how to deal with iguanas. (See their guide: Technical Assistance for Homeowners)

Visit FWC’s website for additional resources and updates.

FWC Iguanas Brochure