Take Action: Environmental Awareness Days and Events

December 2018

Have a less- waste holiday!

Between Thanksgiving and New Years waste production tends to increase up to 25%! By taking steps to reduce the waste you are producing and recycle what you can't avoid, your can have a less waste holiday!

Holiday Recycling Guide

Recycle Right Boca Raton

Curbside bin:

  • Non-metallic wrapping paper and tissue paper (no bows or ribbons) can go in the yellow bins.
  • Cardboard boxes (cut in to 36”x36” pieces) can go in the yellow bins.

Recycle elsewhere:

  • Batteries, string lights, and old electronics can be taken to SWA’s Home Chemical and Recycling Centers here and here.
  • Plastic bags can be returned to bins at retailers, such as grocery stores.

Holiday Trees:

  • After the holidays, take your cleaned tree to Mizner Bark Dog Park to be turned in to mulch for the trails at Gumbo Limbo! More info here.

Reduce the waste, not the joy!

  • Use recycled paper for wrapping. Newspaper, used wrapping paper, used parcel paper, and children’s artwork can all create beautiful packages.
  • Gift experiences, not things.
  • Choose gifts with less packaging.
present wrapped in newspaper
reduce reuse recycle

November 2018

November 15th is America Recycle's Day!

In July we discussed how to REDUCE waste by going plastic free. In August we learned how to REUSE by shopping second hand. This month we discuss how to RECYCLE!

Three tips to improve your recycling:

  • Reduce contamination. Contamination, placing something in the recycle bin which shouldn’t be there, is a major cause of inefficiency in the recycling system. Learn instead how to Recycle Right and put the right things in to the correct bin!
Blue and yellow bins
  • Recycle plastic bags. Plastic bags DO NOT belong in your recycle bin but that does not mean they can’t be recycled. Take your plastic bags to the bins typically located at the front of grocery stores.
  • Recycle household items. Many things can be recycled that can’t go in your curbside bins. Light bulbs, batteries, electronics, and lots more can be taken to the Solid Waste Authority’s drop off locations. Learn more here.
  • The City's Sanitation Department will deliver recycling bins directly to your home. You must live within the city limits of Boca Raton in order to receive delivery service from the City. Please call 561-416-3367 in order to schedule delivery of your yellow and blue recycling bins.
walk to school day

October 2018

October 10th is Walk to School Day!

October is International Walk to School Month! Now that school is back in session and the weather is beginning to cool down, it is a great time to start practicing new habits and reaping the benefits.

Find information, ideas, and resources at http://www.walkbiketoschool.org/.

August 2018

National Thrift Shop Day!

The “3 R’s” are Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and they are meant to be taken in that order. During Plastic Free July we talked about REDUCING waste. On National Thrift Shop Day let’s talk about the second R – REUSING!

Clothing has a huge impact on the environment! Buying fewer clothes and used clothes reduces that impact.

In addition to clothing, thrift stores are great places to find other items to reuse including toys and furniture. Thrift shops are also great places to pick up high quality jars and glassware that can replace all the disposable plastic containers you gave up last month!

thrift shop day

July 2018

This July - Go Plastic Free!

Plastic Free July - Choose to Refuse 300ppi

This July the City of Boca Raton is encouraging residents to participate in Plastic Free July! Why go plastic free? Since 1950, MILLIONS of tons of plastic have been produced and a shocking 91% of it is not recycled. Since plastic does not biodegrade, that means that all that plastic is still in existence either in our landfills or in the environment, including our oceans. Almost half of plastic production is for packaging. This material designed to last forever is used to make items that are disposable. By 2050 100% of seabirds will be eating plastic and plastic will outweigh fish in the oceans. That is just not sustainable! Plastic Free July aims to challenge and empower people to reduce their use of disposable plastics.

How to go plastic free this July?

June 2018 

On World Environment Day and World Oceans Day We Will Beat Plastic Pollution!

The first week of June is packed with environmental awareness, people across the globe will be observing World Environment Day on June 5th and World Oceans Day on June 8th. This year, the two events have a common theme: plastic pollution. World Environment Day asks us to “beat plastic pollution” while World Oceans Day asks us to “prevent plastic pollution” but the goal is the same; there needs to be less plastic used and even less that makes it to our oceans.

What is the problem with plastic?

Marine Debris describes plastic that has made its way in to our oceans. Learn more about marine debris from NOAA.

ocean plastic infographic