Take Action: Environmental Awareness Days and Events

June 2018 

On World Environment Day and World Oceans Day We Will Beat Plastic Pollution!

The first week of June is packed with environmental awareness, people across the globe will be observing World Environment Day on June 5th and World Oceans Day on June 8th. This year, the two events have a common theme: plastic pollution. World Environment Day asks us to “beat plastic pollution” while World Oceans Day asks us to “prevent plastic pollution” but the goal is the same; there needs to be less plastic used and even less that makes it to our oceans.

What is the problem with plastic?

Marine Debris describes plastic that has made its way in to our oceans. Learn more about marine debris from NOAA.

ocean plastic infographic

How do we take action?

Join WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY in a global game of tag this year! Choose one (or more) disposable plastics you will give up, post to social media with the hashtag #BeatPlasticPollution and tag three of your friends, community leaders, or public figures to challenge them to give up plastic as well.

Here are some ideas:

  • Plastic retail bags replaced with durable totes. 
  • Plastic beverage bottles replaced with durable, reusable bottles. 
  • Plastic coffee lids or polystyrene coffee cups replaced with durable mug or travel mug.
  • Plastic cutlery replaced with durable cutlery.
  • Refuse plastic straws, carry a metal or glass straw if you like to use one.
Play tag to beat plastic pollution

Celebrate World Oceans Day at Gumbo Limbo!

And finally, learn more and share it with your friends and family.  Join your Boca Raton community in celebrating World Oceans Day at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center June 8, 9, and 10th. Check the website for a schedule.

Gumbo Limbo World Oceans Day