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**The Development Services department is transitioning to a new software that will launch on February 13th. In order to make the transition from the current system to the new system, there would be a period of 3 business days/5 days total (Wed February 8th through Sunday February 12th) in which we could not accept payments or new permits, planning applications and BTR applications (except emergency permits). 

Inspection scheduling will only be available via IVR February 8th -9th and NOT available February 10th-12th. Inspections scheduled to occur on February 10th- 12th will still be performed. Normal operations will resume February 13th.**

collage of Mizner Park, Lake Boca and the Boca Raton shoreline and condos, building plans


The Planning and Zoning Board will now begin their meetings at 6pm starting with the July 7, 2022 meeting.

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Document Request

If you are unable to locate the documents you need, please either fill out a Public Records Request form or call the Development Service's Office at 561-393-7789.

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Ordinance 5421 modify the definition of "Establish Grade" for the purpose of changing the calculation for determining "Height of a Building" and "Established Grade"....
Ordinance 5420
...relating to off-street parking provisions for electric vehicles; amending section 28-1646 to provide for definitions related to electric vehicles; amending section 28-1649, 28-1650, 28-1653, and 28-1655 to provide for electric vehicle off-street parking provisions for multifamily residential, commercial, and industrial use...