1. City Manager's Office

    The City Manager is appointed by the City Council as the chief administrative officer of the City. Implementation of the policies set by the City Council and the enforcement of all City regulations and ordinances are responsibilities of the City Manager.

  2. Development Services

    Find detailed information about City planning and zoning, construction permits, and business licensing.

  3. Financial Services

    Find information in regards to our accounting division and also our fiscal year budgets.

  4. Fire Rescue Services

    The Boca Raton Fire Rescue Services Department provides comprehensive emergency and administrative services.

  5. Municipal Services

    View information on our different municipal services.

  6. Police Services

    Get information about the Police Services available in Boca Raton.

  7. Recreation Services

    Find information and resources related to the facilities and services of the Recreation Department.

  8. Utility Services

    Get information regarding the City's Utility Services Department.