Hurricane Debris Management

Clean and Cut ProgramRemember to Clean & Cut

Get ahead and plan to trim your trees and clean out your garages, carports and storage areas throughout the month of June.

Even though Sanitation Services will not provide extra bulk and vegetation pickup days this year, it is crucial that we prepare now and clean out our homes and properties, so we don’t overwhelm our sanitation systems.

Keep in mind: when disposing of household debris and even COVID-19 related items such as gloves and masks, please be as considerate and sanitary as possible and place your garbage in tight, closed bags to help keep our sanitation crews safe.

Visit Sanitation Services for more information about acceptable bulk and vegetation items.

Before The Storm

The City of Boca Raton strongly encourages all residents and businesses to do ALL major tree cutting/removal PRIOR to April 30. Hurricane Season is from June 1 - November 30.

  • Trees should be cut back from buildings and power lines.
    View Sustainable Tree Maintenance page for information on pruning & more.
  • Thin foliage so that wind can flow freely through branches and minimize the chances of being uprooted.
  • Clear your property of any items that could be a danger to you or your neighbors in hurricane force winds, such as old lumber and broken lawn furniture. View Bulk Waste information and acceptable items.
  • Clean out any unwanted items in your garage/storage for disposal. You may need the space to store items during a storm.

Once A Storm Has Been Named

In order to avoid the overwhelming amount of debris we saw prior to Hurricane Irma, we ask that our residents and businesses follow the guidelines below. This will help ensure that our community is free of potentially dangerous debris.

  • DO NOT cut trees or do any major yard work.
  • DO NOT begin any construction projects that produce debris.
  • DO NOT clean out your garage or storage areas.
  • Monitor the City's website and social media (Facebook & Twitter) for updates on when regular sanitation services will stop before the storm.
  • Secure garbage containers or move them inside prior to the arrival of the storm.

After The Storm

  • We ask for your patience. After a storm has passed, our first priority is to clear roadways to allow safe passage through our community.
  • Please keep household garbage, recycling, vegetative and/or construction debris in separate piles
  • Be sure to place debris clear from any electrical lines, overhanging trees, water meters, mailboxes and fire hydrants. For safety reasons, DO NOT place garbage/debris in the road.
  • Our goal is to re-establish household garbage pick up as soon as possible.
  • Crews for the City and/or FEMA will begin the removal of storm-related debris.
  • Monitor the City's website and social media (Facebook & Twitter) for updates on services.
  • Debris removal may take several weeks or months depending on the severity of the storm.
  • Debris haulers may pick up partial loads as part of their sweep. Please be patient, trucks will come back to complete removal. Generally, several complete passes are made through the City.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The City of Boca Raton is not responsible for the cutting and/or moving of fallen trees on a homeowners' property. In most cases, this is the responsibility of the homeowner or the HOA.
  • Storm debris services are provided by the City and its contractors to City of Boca Raton residents and residential properties, not businesses or commercial properties.
  • View our Sustainable Tree Maintenance page for information on assessing damage and restoring trees after a storm.