Current and Upcoming Road & Municipal Projects

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SW 12th Ave Upgrades - iSIP Innovative Sustainable Infrastructure Program

iSIP - SW 12th Avenue Upgrades

As part of the City of Boca Raton’s Innovative Sustainable Infrastructure Program (iSIP) in the Boca Square neighborhood, there will be infrastructure upgrades installed along SW 12th Avenue from Camino Real to Palmetto Park Road. 

The goal of this project is to have the major upgrades completed by the time Addison Mizner Elementary School opens for students in August 2021.

Visit the project webpage for more details.

Palmetto Park Road El Rio Canal Bridge

The Palmetto Park Road El Rio Canal Bridge Project, overseen by Palm Beach County Roads and Bridge, will result in a  widening of the existing Palmetto Park Road El Rio Canal Bridge. Two lanes of the bridge will remain open during the construction period, which is estimated to last approximately 15 months. 

Palm Beach County Roads and Bridge is extending the eight foot (8’) shared use pathway from the end of the FDOT project (where the pathway currently terminates on the north side of Palmetto Park Road), throughout the bridge upgrade, to the western limit of Palmetto Dunes Park.

The northern part of the bridge will be demolished first and the existing eastbound lanes will be reduced to one-lane in each direction. The southern part of the bridge will be demolished later with the traveling lanes moving to the westbound lanes. At all times one lane in each direction will be open to traffic. Access to adjacent property will be allowed throughout the project. The school flashing beacon will operate during construction as well.
Expected Start Date:
August 2, 2021
Expected Completion Date:
Project schedule estimated to take 15 months. September / October 2022
More Information:
Palm Beach County Roads and Bridges, 561-233-3950 or

Parks & Recreation Projects

Sand Pine Park

Sand Pine Park is scheduled to close on September 20, 2021 until the early Spring/Summer of 2022. Work on the park will include the following facility upgrades:

  • New restroom building
  • New pavilion
  • New field surfacing
  • New sports lighting
  • New sport court surfacing
  • New playground and fitness equipment
  • Sidewalk repairs

Work on the project will be phased so that the Boys & Girls Club can continue operating and have space to recreate during construction. Construction timeline is subject to change depending on material deliveries, weather and unforeseen conditions.

NOTE: Please be aware we will be fencing off the playground and restroom building on Tuesday, Nov. 30 to prepare for the demolition of the restroom building. Due to the proximity of the playground to the Restroom building, the playground will be fenced off during the Restroom building renovation. The basketball courts will remain open for the Boys & Girls Club.

Pine Breeze Park

Pine Breeze Park is getting two new pavilions, new walking paths, three pieces of fitness equipment and restoring the basketball courts. In addition, storm drainage will be added to alleviate the standing water issues that were in the center of the park. Work is schedule to be complete by the end of September.

Hidden Lakes Park Pavilion

Starting Monday, April 19, 2021, work will begin replacing the pavilion at Hidden Lakes Park, located at NW 4th Ave and Country Club Blvd. The work should take approximately five weeks. 

The existing pavilions and slab will be demolished and replaced with a new pavilion and slab. The work area will be fenced off and will not affect the usage of the tennis courts, parking lot or playground.

Spanish River Park Restroom Renovations

Renovations will begin on Spanish River Park Restrooms #3 and #4 this week. There is a temporary restroom trailer on-site and will remain during the construction. Restroom #3 is being demolished and rebuilt to provide triple the existing capacity for the park. Restroom #4 is being renovated and expanded. The work is expected to be finished this summer.

Woodlands Park

The park is undergoing sewer improvements which began on April 19 and should take 4-5 weeks. During this time, all park amenities will be operational, with a few exceptions when making the final connections to the restroom building and crossing sidewalks.

Wildflower Park

Wildflower Park is currently undergoing a complete renovation. Work currently being done includes construction of a new seawall. Once that is complete, a new park will be constructed including:

  • new parking
  • new waterfront walkway and seating
  • new lighting
  • new restroom building and pavilion
  • new splash pad 
  • new public art works
  • a grand stair overlooking the water
  • an improved connection to Silver Palm Park 
    • and a renovation to Silver Palm is also included in the project 
    • an additional boat ramp
    • increased boat parking 
    • new restroom building 
    • an improved entrance

Hughes Park Playground Renovation

Renovations for Hughes Park playground begins on July 12, 2021 and work is scheduled for 120 days. This is a complete renovation of the playground including new play equipment, new surfacing, added shade, and an improved ADA entrance to the restroom building.

The restroom building will also be closed temporarily during the renovation to construct the new entrance walk-way.

Hughes Park Playground Rendering of 5-12 play area
Hughes Park Playground Rendering of 5-12 play area
Hughes Park Playground Rendering of 5-12 play area

5th Avenue Sidewalk

Beginning January 11, 2021, sidewalk improvements will begin on NE 5th Avenue from Boca Raton Road to SR5 / US-1. Project improvements include:

  • Concrete sidewalk installation
  • Driveway and curb & gutter replacement to align with new sidewalk installation
  • Minor signage and pavement marking upgrades
  • Minor landscaping relocation and irrigation repairs

You can visit the FDOT website for more information or view the NE 5th Ave Sidewalk Project flyer.

December 2020 picture of NE 5th Ave Sidewalk Project update
Expected Start Date January 4, 2021
Expected Completion Date Fall 2021
More Information Visit the project website at

Bodler Barthelemy, P.E., FDOT Project Manager

Jennifer Valmer, FDOT Project Administrator

Traffic Signal Mast Arms

Traffic Signal Mast Arms are being painted around the City in 59 locations. As of mid-November 2020, mast arms at 13 intersections have been completed:

  • Mizner & NE 2nd
  • Yamato Road & NW 55 Diag.
  • Yamato Road & St. Andrews Boulevard
  • Spanish River Boulevard & Airport Road
  • Spanish River Boulevard & West Library
  • Yamato Road & Patch Reef Park
  • Glades Road & St. Andrews Boulevard
  • Glades Road & Butts Road
  • Glades Road & NW 22nd Avenue (Renaissance Way)
  • Glades Road & NW 13th Street
  • Glades Road & NW 4th Avenue
  • Glades Road & NW 2nd Avenue
Spanish River library West Mast Arm Painting

As of mid-July 2021, the following intersections have also been completed:

  • Spanish River Blvd & Broken Sound Blvd
  • Glades Rd & Dixie Hwy
  • Yamato Rd & Dixie Hwy
  • Yamato Rd & Federal Hwy 
  • Yamato Rd & Congress Ave
  • Yamato Rd & Fire Station #4
  • Yamato Rd & NW 2nd Ave
  • Federal Hwy & Camino Real
  • Federal Hwy & SE Mizner Blvd
  • Federal Hwy & SE 3rd St

Traffic Signal Mast Arm Upgrades

As part of Capital Improvement Project (CIP) 440118, signalized intersections, currently installed with spam wires, are being upgraded to mast arms. This project replaces the aging infrastructure with more robust signals and benefiting residents and visitors with more resilient infrastructure against hurricanes and tropical storm activity.

The following intersections had the new mast arms activated on July 22-23, 2021:

  • Palmetto Park Rd & NW/SW 12th Ave
  • Palmetto Park Rd & St Andrews Blvd

Additional intersections under design as part of this project are:

  • Dixie Hwy & NW 20th St
  • St Andrews & Potomac Rd
  • Yamato Rd & Jog Rd
  • Clint Moore Rd & Jog Rd
  • Palmetto Park Rd & SR A1A
  • Military Trail & Camino Real

Schedule for completion of the additional intersections has not been set.

New Streetlight Fixture Installation In and Around Downtown

New energy efficient streetlight fixtures are being installed in and around the Downtown Boca/CRA district. The new fixtures will replace the current 30-year-old fixtures. Utilizing more energy efficient LED bulbs, the fixtures are more environmentally friendly and cast a brighter white light that better illuminates pedestrian areas below. The fixtures are also more aesthetically pleasing and complement surrounding architecture.

  • Installation of 1,400 new fixtures started in the summer of 2021
  • 700 of the fixtures are in the Downtown Boca/CRA district
  • Nearly 400 fixtures have already been installed   
  • Remaining fixtures scheduled to be completed by early spring 2022 

New streetlight fixtures on SE Mizner Blvd.

New streetlight fixtures on SE Mizner Blvd.

I-95 Express Lanes

The purpose of the 95 Express Lanes is to improve mobility, relieve congestion, provide additional travel options, enhance transit services, accommodate future growth and development in the region, enhance emergency evacuation, and improve system connectivity between key limited access facilities in South Florida. Parts of this project affecting the Boca Raton area are:

  • 3B-1 SW 10th St to south of Glades Rd
  • 3B-2 Glades Rd to Linton Blvd
    • SR-808/Glades Road Interchange to a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI)
    • Clint Moore Road bridge at I-95

Visit the 95 Express Lanes project page for more information. For Ramp and Traffic Impacts and Road Closures from the I-95 Express Lane Project, visit our Road Closures page.

Palmetto Park Road Intracoastal Waterway Bridge

The Palmetto Park Road Intracoastal Waterway Bridge Project, overseen by Palm Beach County Roads and Bridges, will result in routine maintenance for the existing Palmetto Park Road Intracoastal Waterway Bridge.  The maintenance will require closures at the Palmetto Park Road Bridge to vehicles and pedestrians. The construction schedule has not yet been established.
Expected Start Date:
Summer 2023
Expected Completion Date:
More Information:
Palm Beach County Roads and Bridges, 561-233-3950

FDOT - Brant Drive Bridge Replacement Project

From Oregon Lane to Avocet Rd

  • Start Date: August 2, 2021
  • Completion Date: Late 2022
  • Construction Hours: M-F 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM | Saturdays 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Bridge Closure: Duration of construction

Brant Drive will be closed from Oregon Lane to Avocet Road beginning Monday, August 2, 2021, and will remain closed during the construction of the bridge over the C-15 Canal. Traffic will be detoured to North Dixie Hwy via Hidden Valley Blvd and Lindell Blvd. Please follow the provided detour outlined in the Project Flyer.

Work consists of replacing the two-lane Brant Drive Bridge (Bridge No. 935501) over the C-15 Canal with a new bridge consisting of two travel lanes and 10-foot shared-use paths in each direction. Improvements also include constructing 10-foot shared-use paths in each direction north of the bridge, reconstructing sidewalks south of the bridge, adding decorative lighting and drainage, upgrading signage and pavement markings, reconstructing roadway approaches and milling and resurfacing.

Visit the Florida Department of Transportation's Project Page for more information.