One Cent Surtax Projects

Palm Beach County One-Cent Sales Tax: Your Dollars at Work in Boca Raton

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Infrastructure Surtax Projects Progress Chart

Updated November 2019

Design Phase
Construction Phase
Project Complete
Fire Station 6
In Progress

Communication Tower
In Progress

Pavement Resurfacing
In Progress

Silver Palm Park
In Progress

Lake Wyman/Rutherford Park
In Progress

Wildflower Park
In Progress

Hillsboro/El Rio Park South
Park Opened 2/22/20
Waterfront Master Plan
In Progress

Off-Site School Roadways
In Progress

SW 18th Street Sidewalk
In Progress

Saint Andrews Shared Path
In Progress

Adaptive Traffic Controls
In Progress

Street Light Design
In Progress

Progress of Infrastructure Surtax Projects with cost, design phase, construction phase and project completion date.

One Cent Sales Surtax Program in the City of Boca Raton

In November 2016, Palm Beach County voters approved raising the sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent. This 1-cent sales tax increase took effect January 1, 2017 and will sunset on December 31, 2026 unless $2.7 billion is collected before then.

Palm Beach County Schools will receive 50% of the surtax funds, Palm Beach County will receive 30% and the 39 municipalities will split the remaining 20%, based on population. The surtax funds may only be used for infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, schools and government buildings.

The City of Boca Raton is estimated to receive $5,300,000 per year (about $53,000,000 over the next 10 years). It has created an Infrastructure Surtax Fund for the purpose of accepting and disbursing the funds and the City’s Financial Advisory Board will act as the oversight committee for the expenditures through this fund.

The City has a six-year capital improvements program (CIP) that is updated during the annual budget process. Capital items include equipment and vehicles which would not be eligible for funding through the surtax, but other projects, like pavement resurfacing, traffic improvements, building and facility renovations and park improvements are eligible.

While funding sources have been identified for most of the projects in the existing CIP program, the surtax funds will allow the City to re-prioritize the current CIP projects and possibly expedite the existing project schedules. Additional details about the City’s CIP projects can be found in the approved 2017-2018 budget and approved 2017-2018 CIP.

Projects funded by the surtax funds have been identified in the proposed FY 17/18 Capital Improvements Program Budget and may include:

• Road Resurfacing
• Pedestrian Pathways
• Sidewalk Renovation and Repair
• Park improvements
• Building and Facility Renovation
• Bridge & Seawall Repairs
• Traffic Improvements
• Street Lights

A Proposed Infrastructure Surtax Projects (removed during website renovation; please contact the City Clerk's office for more information) presentation was presented to the Citizens Oversight Committee on August 28, 2017.
The tentative budget hearing is scheduled for September 11, 2017  at 6:00 pm and the final budget hearing is set for September 25 at 6:00 pm.