Waterfront Master Plan

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Waterfront living and recreation are unique hallmarks of Boca Raton. Miles of ocean front beaches and parks, as well as additional park properties along the intracoastal and adjoining canals and waterways bring enjoyment to residents and visitors.

Park attendees enjoy activities onshore and offshore as well as, artificial reefs located just off the coastline. Today’s population is interested in leisure, parks and recreation on the water. Surfing, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding and boating can be enjoyed all year long in Boca Raton, and the Waterfront Master Plan includes many new, outdoor trends in recreation, to promote a healthy lifestyle.

May 2019

The City’s Consultant, EDSA, presented an update on a revised design for Wildflower/Silver Palm Park site at the May 13 City Council Workshop. This revised design was based on requested items made by City Council members after a presentation in November. The following refers to the enhancement requests made by Council and incorporated into EDSA’s latest design:

  • Add a public art playground in Wildflower Park – The plan now incorporates interactive art/play features in the playground area. Features are under development.
  • Provide 50 total parking spaces – There are now 49 parking spaces provided in Wildflower Park.
  • Additional guest parking in Silver Palm Park – There are now 10 spaces added to Silver Palm Park.
  • Enlarged public area at the southeast corner of Silver Palm Park – The plaza area was enlarged and provides seating where people can have lunch and hang out. Safety barriers are provided as well.
  • No parking under the bridge – All car parking was removed. Only vehicles that will be provided with restricted access under the bridge are the bridge tender, bridge maintenance and emergency vehicles
  • Relocate restrooms in Silver Palm Park - Bathrooms in Silver Palm Park were moved to provide a clear line of sight along the waterfront promenade.
  • Include future water taxi potential – The seawall can accommodate the opportunity for a water taxi to dock in the Silver Palm Park area.
  • Include future dockage potential for boats – Future dockage could be incorporated at Wildflower Park, however, due to the usage setback rules from the centerline of the Intracoastal, there is limited dockage along the Wildflower area.
  • Efficient signage for the park – Entry signs will be added. EDSA is developing a signage layout.
  • Floating wetlands areas clear of boating activity – EDSA will be studying this request further. They have met with Palm Beach County to go over potential. These wetland areas will be constructed and maintained in the area behind bumpers and will not impede any boat traffic.
  • Double-sided seating along the promenade – Terrace double-sided seating will be added to the north of the park and along the north and south side of the promenade.
  • Stairs from the north side of Palmetto Road accessing Wildflower site – Due to Palm Beach County ADA requirements, the addition of stairs needs to include an elevator or ramps. Based on City Council’s decision as to whether they want to add stairs, EDSA can add the ramps/elevator.
  • Extend driveways throughout the park – Extended from 25 feet to 30 feet to allow easy navigation for trucks and trailers.
  • Provide additional amenities on the southern portion of Silver Palm Park – Added a walking path from the south side to the north side of the park that includes exercise areas.

EDSA also presented the following timeline for the next steps:

Summer-Fall 2019: Site plan and site design finalization

Fall 2019 – Spring 2020: Permitting process

Spring 2020: Contract goes out to bid

Spring – Summer 2020: Select preferred contractor and award construction contract

Early 2020 – concurrent project with seawall – Contractors will be working on the seawall replacement project and complete it before the park construction project begins.

February 2019

Planning and construction are underway at several different waterfront parks throughout the City including Silver Palm/Wildflower, Hillsboro El Rio and Lake Wyman Rutherford Park. A plan for an additional artificial reef near Red Reef beach is also in development.

January 2019 Update

The City Council authorized the City’s Consultant, EDSA, to complete final design conceptual plans and site plans for the connected Silver Palm and Wildflower properties. Park enhancements and elements were discussed and reviewed in several public forums and the consultant is in the process of finalizing and implementing the new ideas and concepts which include but are not limited to walk ways, public green areas, new bathrooms, connectivity, soft boat launches, motorized boat launches, parking and an artistic and creative park concept.

November 26, 2018 Update - Waterfront Park Designs and Renovations Underway

Plans to connect Silver Palm Park and the Wildflower property at the intracoastal and Palmetto Park Road are moving forward. At the November 26 City Council workshop, EDSA, the City's consultant, gave a presentation on the connectivity designs for the Wildflower and Silver Palm Parks. A revised conceptual plan was presented and members of the City Council and the public had an opportunity to weigh in on the revised designs. EDSA will incorporate the changes requested by the City Council including additional parking, an artistic and unique playground concept, moving the existing restrooms and other details that will become part of the approved, revised design. Next steps include detailed design, site plan approvals, permitting, bidding and construction. Depending on cost estimates, the over six acres of park land could be developed in phases.

Hillsboro El Rio Park Phase 2

As part of other waterfront park renovations, Hillsboro El Rio Park Phase 2 along 18th Street and the El Rio Canal, will soon enter the construction phase, and estimates have the park completed in the fall of 2019. The new park will include jogging and fitness trails, picnic pavilions, pickleball courts, basketball courts, sand volleyball and a soft launch for canoes and kayaks.

Lake Wyman & Rutherford Park

Consultants have worked with City Council members and stakeholders to create preliminary designs for Lake Wyman and Rutherford Parks and are currently working on the permit applications to the appropriate permitting agencies. Improvements will include canoe and kayak trails and launches, replacing the existing boardwalk and extending the boardwalk path. Creating a walking path along the FIND(opens an external website) property, restroom facilities and parking (NO new parking). Estimated completion is 2020/2021.

Watch the Presentation
The Wildflower and Silver Palm Park Presentation 11.26.2018 (PDF) has been removed. Please contact the City Clerk's office at 561-393-7742 for questions.

Silver Palm Park Concept Survey

A Public Outreach Meeting for the Silver Palm Waterfront Park was held on September 26 at the Downtown Library. The consultant of the project, EDSA, is seeking additional public input through a survey to incorporate along with feedback from the recent meeting to create additional plans for the Wildflower Park and its connectivity to Silver Palm. The consultant is tentatively scheduled to present those updated conceptual plans at the second City Council Workshop meeting in November 2018.

PLEASE NOTE: The survey was completed on October 29, 2018.

September 27, 2018 Update

A Public Outreach Meeting for the Silver Palm Waterfront Park was held on September 26 at the Downtown Library. Consultants will incorporate feedback and input from the meeting to update and create plans for the Wildflower Park and its connectivity to Silver Palm. The consultant is tentatively scheduled to present those updated conceptual plans at the second City Council Workshop meeting in November 2018.

The Silver Palm Park Presentation (PDF) has been removed. For questions, see information at the bottom of the page.

August 30, 2018 Update

The City hosted a public outreach meeting in early 2018, to discuss the conceptual plans for the Lake Wyman/Rutherford Park project, which included the construction of a boat ramp and parking facility. The City’s consultant provided a powerpoint presentation discussing the numerous plans for these two parks and especially went into detail to describe the proposed boat ramp and parking lot feature. Additionally, the City handed out a survey to all of the patrons in attendance asking a number of questions related to all of the different proposed amenities at the park. Upon completion of the meeting, City staff indicated that the survey results would be tallied and this information as well as the discussions that were held at the public outreach meeting would be presented at an upcoming City Council workshop to receive final direction on the conceptual plans.

In April, during a City Council Workshop, City staff provided the results of the survey from the public outreach meeting to the City Council. Additionally, based on the overall consensus of the public outreach meeting and the survey, City staff also presented two alternatives to the boat ramp component of the Lake Wyman Rutherford Park Project. At the end of the City Council Workshop, it was determined that staff would continue developing all of the park project components (including the canoe trails, boardwalk rehabilitation and additions, etc.) except for the boat ramp and associated parking lot as City residents strongly objected to this component of the project.

On August 3, 2018, the City issued a second work order to Applied Technology and Management for Phase 2 (project Design and Permitting) of the Rutherford Park and Lake Wyman Park Restoration Project.

Phase 2 will include the following:

  • Field Surveys
  • Project Design
  • Project Permitting

The Conceptual Hybrid Plan 08.22.2018 (PDF) has been removed. For questions see information at the bottom of the page.

City Council Workshop Meeting Presentation - February 12, 2018

EDSA, the City’s consultant working on the waterfront master plan, gave a presentation at the City Council Workshop on February 12, 2018. The presentation focused on five parks with budget estimates and conceptual ideas, and recommended project prioritization to the City Council. (Lake Wyman/Rutherford Park & Hillsboro El Rio Park were not included, as they are currently in the design process.)

  • Wildflower Park
  • South Beach Park
  • Spanish River Park
  • Palmetto Dune Park
  • Red Reef Park

The latest presentation and conceptual drawings 02.12.2018 (PDF) - revised on 9/14/2018 has been removed.

Watch video recording of the presentation and discussion from February 12, 2018

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