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City of Boca Raton Tree Brochure

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The City of Boca continues to be a leader in community sustainability and environmental stewardship at the local, state and even the national level. The Mayor and City Council are committed to conserving energy, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas production, conserving water resources, preserving environmentally sensitive lands, protecting native wildlife and providing educational programs.

Sustainability continues to be a significant part of many City projects and programs. The document below is the list of the City’s environmental sustainable projects and programs. They have been organized into four broad categories, however many of these projects and programs could easily be included in more than one category.

Visit the Sustainability Initiatives page or open the Sustainability Initiatives document (PDF).

Biodegradable Bags Now Available at All Beach Access Points

Bio beach bags

August 18, 2017

Pack it in Pack it Out, Trash Your Trash and Leave No Trace. Hikers, campers and those who love the outdoors understand these basic principles and the City of Boca Raton is now helping residents and visitors do their part by providing new biodegradable bags at all beach access points. The bags are located in bag dispensers with tinted Plexiglas doors which help curtail UV ray degradation.

For those committed to outdoor ethics by keeping our beaches and waterways clean, there are many ways to get involved. Gumbo Limbo Nature Center offers environmental camps and regularly scheduled programs for seining the lagoon. Local community and nonprofit groups organize beach clean ups throughout the year and have provided plastic buckets at certain locations for additional opportunities to keep the beaches clean.

For pet owners who frequent Dog Beach at Spanish River Park, ongoing efforts to pick up after your pets has helped make the beach a favorite weekend playground for pups. Thanks for keeping our beaches clean Boca Raton!

Electric Car Charging Stations

June 27, 2017

Learn more about the City of Boca Raton's Electric Car Charging Stations.