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What's Happening Now?

Welcome to Sustainable Summer!

Every summer the City of Boca Raton gets a little more sustainable with events and outreach centered around monthly topics. 

June - Energy Conservation

July - Waste Reduction

August - Water Conservation

Stay tuned for more information on these topics. Don't forget to sign up for the quarterly sustainability newsletter and mailing list to get notified for events and opportunities.

Daylight Hour

June 22 | 12pm-1pm

Every summer on the longest day of the year the City of Boca Raton participates in Daylight Hour, a global event to encourage the use of daylight in our offices spaces. For one hour at noon, turn off electric lights and live by daylight. Daylight hour helps to raise awareness of the energy used for lighting and the benefit of using daylight when possible. Daylight hour is a great time to reflect on the sun as the main source of energy for our planet, all the ways we can use that energy sustainably, and the link between sustainability and wellness. Learn more at

Welcome to the Office of Sustainability

The City of Boca continues to be a leader in community sustainability and environmental stewardship at the local, state and even the national level. The Mayor and City Council are committed to conserving energy, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas production, conserving water resources, preserving environmentally sensitive lands, protecting native wildlife and providing educational programs.

Sustainability continues to be a significant part of many City projects and programs and the City is working on embedding sustainability in everything it does. The pages found here highlight many of the City’s sustainable projects, programs, and events. To keep up on what's new with sustainability, sign up for the quarterly sustainability newsletter

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