Request for Letters of Interest - Transmittal

July 2011

Wildflower Property

Request for Letters of Interest and Public Input on Improvement/Development of City-Owned Property

The City of Boca Raton is seeking Letters of Interest and Public Input on the future use and possible improvement and/or development of the Wildflower Property.  This publicly-owned land (the Property) is located on the Intracoastal Waterway in Boca Raton, Florida, on the north side of Palmetto Park Road.  The Property was formerly the site of a restaurant known as The Wildflower.  The City purchased the Property, which is now vacant land, in December 2009.

The Property is located adjacent to the boundaries of downtown Boca Raton, and it has the potential to be a significant attraction with an important connection to the City’s downtown.  As early as 2006, the City identified the Wildflower property, with its direct connection to the Intracoastal Waterway, as an area of strategic importance to the City overall and the downtown in particular.  The City purchased the property in pursuit of its vision of a vibrant, active waterfront destination.  The City’s goal for the property is to improve it so that it works synergistically with the adjacent downtown to attract residents and visitors and is compatible and complementary to adjacent areas and uses.

The City is consequently considering the future use, improvement, and possible development of this property.  As an initial step, the City is requesting Letters of Interest as well as general Public Input on the improvement and/or development of this Property. 

Letters of Interest are discussed in detail in the Request for Letters of Interest and will be received from Applicants that propose to undertake actual improvement or development of the Property.  After submittal, Letters of Interest will be available for public review under the View Letters of Interest TAB.

General Public Input will be received from any interested party, including residents and area businesses, and may include ideas and recommendations for use of the Property and other suggestions and comments on the Property.  Please click on Submit Public Input TAB to submit comments.  E-mail comments are strongly preferred.  Comments may be also be mailed; please identify your letter as a comment on the Property in response to this request.  Mail your letter to City of Boca Raton, 201 West Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, FL  33432, attention City Manager’s Office – Wildflower Property Public Input.  After submittal, Public Input will be available for public review under the View Public Input TAB.

The City strongly prefers to receive all Letters of Interest and general Public Input by August 31, 2011, in order to move forward with the review and discussion process.  After August 31, the City plans to hold a public meeting to discuss the use of the Property and all Letters of Interest and Public Input received.  The meeting may be scheduled as early as September 12, 2011.  The actual date, time, and location of the meeting will be posted on the City’s web site and all parties who submit Letters of Interest or Public Input will be notified.

After the meeting, the City Council will determine what further action, if any, may be appropriate.