Nonfiction Best Sellers

Nonfiction Best Sellers: Week of January 26, 2020

  1. EDUCATED by Tara Westover. The daughter of survivalists, who is kept out of school, educates herself enough to leave home for university.
  2. TALKING TO STRANGERS by Malcolm Gladwell. Famous examples of miscommunication serve as the backdrop to explain potential conflicts and misunderstandings.
  3. BECOMING by Michelle Obama. The former first lady describes how she balanced work, family and her husband’s political ascent.
  4. MAYBE YOU SHOULD TALK TO SOMEONE by Lori Gottlieb. A psychotherapist gains unexpected insights when she becomes another therapist’s patient.
  5. ME by Elton John. The multi-award-winning solo artist’s first autobiography chronicles his career, relationships and private struggles.
  6. CATCH AND KILL by Ronan Farrow. The Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter details some surveillance and intimidation tactics used to pressure journalists and elude consequences by certain wealthy and connected men.
  7. BOYS & SEX by Peggy Orenstein. How young men comprehend cultural forces and navigate sexual and emotional relationships.
  8. RANGE by David Epstein. An argument for how generalists excel more than specialists, especially in complex and unpredictable fields.
  9. THE BODY by Bill Bryson. An owner’s manual of the human body covering various parts, functions and what happens when things go wrong.
  10. SUCCESSFUL AGING by Daniel J. Levitin. A neuroscientist suggests using resilience strategies as we grow older.
  11. SAM HOUSTON AND THE ALAMO AVENGERS by Brian Kilmeade. The "Fox & Friends” host gives an account of the battle against the Mexican Army in 1836.
  12. SAY NOTHING by Patrick Radden Keefe. A look at the conflict in Northern Ireland known as the Troubles.
  13. WHY WE CAN’T SLEEP by Ada Calhoun. The cultural and political contexts of the crises that Generation X women face.
  14. HOW TO BE AN ANTIRACIST by Ibram X. Kendi. A primer for creating a more just and equitable society through identifying and opposing racism.
  15. BLOWOUT by Rachel Maddow. The MSNBC host argues that the global oil and gas industry has weakened democracies and bolstered authoritarians.

    Excerpted from The New York Times Best Seller lists