Fiction Best Sellers

Fiction Best Sellers: Week of June 25, 2017

  1. CAMINO ISLAND by John Grisham. A search for stolen rare manuscripts leads to a Florida island.
  2. INTO THE WATER by Paula Hawkins. In this psychological thriller by the author of “The Girl on the Train,” women are found drowned in a river in an English town.
  3. COME SUNDOWN by Nora Roberts. Years after she was kidnapped, a woman returns to her family’s Montana ranch.
  4. DRAGON TEETH by Michael Crichton. A college student joins a fossil-hunting expedition in the 19th-century West and is caught up in the rivalry between two paleontologists. A recently discovered manuscript by Crichton, who died in 2008.
  5. LOVE STORY by Karen Kingsbury. How John and Elizabeth Baxter fell in love.
  6. NO MIDDLE NAME by Lee Child. A complete collection of Jack Reacher stories.
  7. THE MINISTRY OF UTMOST HAPPINESS by Arundhati Roy. A sprawling novel of modern India by the author of “The God of Small Things.”
  8. NIGHTHAWK by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown. The NUMA crew races the Russians and Chinese in a hunt for a missing American aircraft.
  9. THE FIX by David Baldacci. The detective Amos Decker (“Memory Man”) witnesses a murder-suicide that turns out to be a matter of national security.
  10. INDECENT EXPOSURE by Stuart Woods. Rekindling a romance with an old girlfriend who is now secretary of state exposes the New York lawyer Stone Barrington to unwanted attention.

  11. BEREN AND LÚTHIEN by J.R.R. Tolkien. The love of a mortal man for an immortal elf, which figures in “The Silmarillion” and is part of the back story of “Lord of the Rings.” Edited by Christopher Tolkien.

  12. 16TH SEDUCTION by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. In San Francisco, Detective Lindsay Boxer and the Women’s Murder Club face their toughest case yet.

  13. SAME BEACH, NEXT YEAR by Dorothea Benton Frank. Two couples form a lifelong friendship during annual reunions on one of South Carolina's barrier islands.

  14. TESTIMONY by Scott Turow. A former Illinois prosecutor joins the International Criminal Court to investigate a massacre in Bosnia.

  15. MAGPIE MURDERS by Anthony Horowitz. A novel within a novel pays homage to and updates Agatha Christie-style mysteries.

   Excerpted from The New York Times Best Seller lists