Economic Development - City of Boca Raton

The Perfect Blend of Business and Pleasure

The City of Boca Raton provides a unique environment for business – a strong business environment, with economic resources and a well-educated and talented workforce, all within a community known for its high quality of life. Boca Raton is a rich blend of corporate and regional headquarters, small businesses, and innovative start-up companies. There are economic opportunities for all types of companies and businesses.

The birthplace of the of the IBM personal computer, Boca Raton has grown from a small agricultural community to a large regional employment center with one of the largest business concentrations in South Florida. In fact, about half of all of the large office buildings in Palm Beach County are in Boca Raton, and a number of national and international corporations call Boca Raton home. Boca Raton has easy access to road, rail, and air transportation. It is becoming a hub for technology, medical, financial, security and educational businesses, although many other business categories are represented in the City.     

And the backdrop to this successful business environment is a community well known for it high quality of life. Boca Raton has miles of pristine beaches, beautiful parks and landscaping, a wide variety of shops and restaurants, environmental programs, and a variety of cultural events. Boca Raton has high quality public and private schools, and several colleges and universities. It is a financially stable, full-service community, with excellent facilities and services and a low crime rate. Boca Raton truly is a premier community.

Logic Nation Finds Tech Talent in Boca Raton

Logic Nation, a Louisiana company offering a new social media platform, chose to set up an office in Boca Raton — because that's where top executives found the technical talent they needed.  "Shreveport didn't have the kind of engineers we needed, and South Florida did," said Michael Marshall, founder of Logic Nation.  Logic Nation employs 10 employees in its year-old Boca Raton office and expects to make additional hires as it tweaks its platform.



Florida Ranks Third in IT Jobs

Florida ranks third nationally in information technology companies and jobs behind only California and Texas, according to a report Monday by InfoWorld, an industry magazine.  "Though best-known for a certain mouse and associated tourist attractions, Florida's also becoming a technology hot spot," the magazine recently reported. Deborah Vazquez, president of ProTech Staffing in Boca Raton, said Florida's -- and South Florida's tech companies and talent -- are not always recognized nationally.  "South Florida is not just a beach town. There's a lot going on down here," she said.

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