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Advisory Boards and Committees

The City of Boca Raton values the involvement of its citizens and hopes to provide a rewarding experience for those who volunteer their time on a board or committee. Boards and Committees play an essential role in city government by meeting regularly to listen to residents, research and review information, report their findings and, when required, make recommendations to the City Council.  



*** List of CURRENT Advisory Board VACANCIES ***


      List of Advisory Boards and Committees


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Composition of a Board

Each board has a stated purpose and serves as a link between residents and City government. The composition of each board varies and is dictated by its enabling legislation.


Advisory Boards and Committees

Advisory Boards & Committees provide advice, research and residents’ perspectives to City government.

  • Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
  • Citizen’s Pedestrian and Bikeway Advisory Board
  • Community Advisory Panel
  • Downtown Boca Raton Advisory Committee
  • Environmental Advisory Board
  • Financial Advisory Board
  • Green Living Advisory Board
  • Historic Preservation Board
  • Library Board
  • Marine Advisory Board
  • Parks and Recreation Board


Regulatory Boards

Regulatory boards exercise regulatory authority, such as the power to make rulings in accordance with various sections of the City’s Code of Ordinances.

  • Builders’ Board of Adjustment & Appeals
  • Civil Service Board
  • Community Appearance Board
  • Planning and Zoning Board
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment


Pension Boards

Pension boards are responsible for administering and managing the City’s pension plans.

  • Board of Trustees for Police and Firefighters Retirement System
  • Executive Employees’ Retirement Plan
  • General Employees’ Pension Board

Becoming a Board Member

A board’s membership is dictated by its enabling legislation. Interested parties must be a City resident and can find eligibility requirements and meeting times in each Board’s description.  All board appointments are made by the City Council.  Vacancies are posted on the website and residents are encouraged to apply.  If you fit the criteria, please complete the electronic board application for City Council consideration.

Sunshine Laws and Ethics Training

Boards and committees are subject to Sunshine Laws and members must complete the Palm Beach County Code of Ethics training prior to serving.





Applications (for positions with specific criteria required by code)